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With these services, our transportation company has the capacity to meet all your transportation needs.
This is what we do best

OTR Personal Dispatching

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Inspection & Truck Repair Center

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24/7 Parking Facility

Description here.

24/7 Emergency & Road Service

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New 2018 Trailers Rent

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Fuel Card & EFS Checks

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Inhouse Drug Testing

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IFTA, IRP & Carrier Services

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Liability & Cargo Insurance

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Direct Deposit & Savings Account

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Individual Hours Services Training

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Nationwide Freight Service

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13399 NW 113 AVE RD, Medley, FL 33178
These are most important departments that, at some point you may need to contact. For general information, call the main number at 305-826-8517 for department directory.


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Option 3

Human Resources

Option 4

Truck Repair

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Option 8



Monday thru Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


For security purposes,
SOS and DAT option can only be accessed from outside Gables Transport, Inc's network for authorized user.
If you are not an SOS or DAT authorized user, unfortunately you could not get into the application.
The option "Fleet Locate" is only for authorized users too and can be accessed from any where.

From here, Gables Transport, Inc's users can access their email and other necessary apps as calendar (to organize your schedule and share events with friends), drive (to create, share and keep all your stuff in one place) with unlimited of space, etc.


New application comming soon...